Multiple administrators to
manage the service

Register multiple administrators with different levels of system access. Key tools and areas of the system can be controlled and managed in accordance with the permissions of each manager, such as queues and attendants register, management, and monitoring in real-time, access to historical logs, among others.

How It Works: System Administrators The chief administrator of the system can register multiple administrators to manage the service, each with their respective management permissions. In a few clicks you can create a new administrator, who will be able to use Neo.CDS control panel.

Create multiple Administrators with Multiple Use Permissions

You can segment your administrators, entering the permission levels to the register according to your needs and your company's policy. Your registered users will have multiple-use permissions, besides access to just those tools that you are allowed during registration.

Segment your administrators according to your needs. Assign permission levels to your users' registers.

Multiple optional administrators
with different access levels and permissions to use the system

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