Display the passwords via LED Panel
or multimedia TV

Make the display of passwords for your service more attractive to the customers, displaying videos, animations, vignettes, and other interactive content on TV. The display of passwords on TV or LED Spider panel will bring out more efficiency and entertainment to your service.

How It Works: Passwords Display Password call is made by using multimedia LED or TV panels, which can be used in different situations and types of service, with all the efficiency and flexibility of the system's configuration.

Display via TV with multimedia

TV password display system makes your service much more interactive, displaying with the passwords, useful information and multimedia content, that impact your audience with relevant messages, bringing out more benefits to your company, your customers and for your service as a whole.


Vídeos Vignettes DVD TV signals


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LED Display Panel

LED panels are a great option for a display of passwords, rapidly and effectively, because they are simple and easy to viewing. Neo.CDS is compatible with the LED Spider panels - synonymous for tradition and leadership in manufacturing electronic panels for passwords.

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