Password call via
intuitive interface

The convenience and efficiency afforded by a driver of passwords with an intuitive interface is the best way for your attendants call to call and redirect passwords, whether from a single or multiple queues.

How It Works: Password attendants and call When connecting to computers at your points of service, your attendants will have access to the virtual driver using the browser for making the call, redirecting and forwarding passwords, and also have information on the number of people and standby time of the queues.

Manual Actuator

Your attendants may call passwords in a simple and organized manner through a virtual driver accessed at the computer of your service point. This driver is designed to be easy to use and does not compromise the view of your management software that are open on your screen. The virtual driver still has several features that can make your service more effective, as the thermometer of waiting, queue selection, and repositioning the order of passwords for service.

Assign attendants to each queue, and call passwords in a simple and easy, according to your need. Gain access to tools to make your service more responsive and effective.

Thermometer for passwords and queues

The attendants can view in their virtual driver a digital thermometer that shows the amount of people and standby time of their respective lines, in order to improve service performance in a clear and effective way.

Use the thermometer in order to manage your queues more efficiently and improve service performance.

Forwarding passwords

Another unique feature for the virtual driver is forwarding passwords to other destination queues. With a simple function, your attendants may be able to redirect passwords easily and intuitively, speeding up the entire service flow.

Forward and redirect passwords according to your service demand.

Works with any digital device on the network

A major advantage regarding Neo.CDS, is the fact that it works on mobile devices connected to the network. Be it a notebook, a tablet or a mobile smartphone, the attendants may be able to call and forward passwords in places where mobility is required.

Call of passwords can be performed on mobile devices connected to the network.

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