Simple like that:
Plug and Play

Neo.CDS console is a powerful CPU that controls all the settings of your service. Easy and simple to install, just connect it to an internal network that it is ready to work. Its intuitive interface allows for quick configuration of the entire service. Plug and Play.

How It Works: "Plug and Play" Console Plug in to your network, set up all communication ports just with the IP number and gateways and the system will be ready to work. There you can register the entire service flow, such as queues, points of service, their attendants, managers and administrators, and all the management, monitoring and reporting features. A powerful "plug and play" console..

Console Models

NeoCDS console models are based on the number of simultaneous connections between issuers (physical and virtual), password display devices, such as panels and TV, additional attendants and administrators.

Choose your console model by the number of simultaneous connections among your devices. Neo.CDS caters to all sizes of service. Simply connect to your network to get started. Does not require software installation or investment in database and server infrastructure.

Easily set up the entire flow of your service

Neo.CDS has an intuitive interface for you to simply manage the entire flow of your service. You have total ease of use as for system tools, and rely on a single system for monitoring and management of passwords and queues in real time.

Intuitive, simple and easy to use interface. Take control of all system devices. Manage and monitor the service in real time.

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