A line of issuers
for any need

With Neo.CDS you go beyond the management of queues and passwords. There is a full line of issuers at your disposal for any need and that may be used according to the demand of your company.

How It Works: Passwords Issuers Password issuers, whether physical or virtual, are devices for selecting queues and printing password coupons. By providing a wide range of settings, you may configure them according to type and tour flow demand of service to the customers.

Physical Issuer: Pushbutton Device and Printer

The physical issuers consist of a physical pushbutton device with its respective indications of queues and a an attached printer, which can be configured on the control panel of Neo.CDS console according to the need of tour service.

Physical issuers are simple, but effective. They own a buttonhole device and an attached printer that can be configured for different service types.

Virtual Issuer: Issuing passwords via digital terminal

Virtual issuers stand out for their interactivity and fast service. They are intuitive, modern and make your service more complete for using more system resources, such as registration of multiple queues, queues group and insertion of user data for service.

Virtual issuers are modern, interactive and make easier the service. Expand your service options by registering multiple service queues, queues group, data entry for the service, among others.

Customize your issued password coupon

You can customize your password coupons according to your need, and you can use key data, such as your logo, the name of your queues, custom phrases, among others.

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