It has never been easier to manage your service system

Neo.CDS has total comfort and ease of administration in the management of service and system's devices. You configure all the details of your service, in a simple and organized way.

Multiple Administrators
Register multiple administrators with different levels of permission.
Easy Management
Manage the actions of the system with total convenience and ease.
Easy Configuration
Configure system data easily and quickly.
How It Works: Easy Configuration Through an intuitive control panel, the chief administrator of the system can manage all the general information system, configure queues, attendants, service points and all other devices of passwords. Moreover, the main administrator can register multiple administrators with different permissions to use and access the system in order to cooperate in the management of service.

Create multiple administrators

Several administrators can be registered in the system to control the flow of service. Moreover, you can segment the users, entering the permission levels to the register according to your needs and your company's policy.

Easy creation of multiple administrators. Segmenting users based on permission levels, given the policy and the needs of your company.

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