Take full control of security and system utilization

You will have full control over your system, with all the security that your panel configuration offers. Its tools enable you to control devices referring to queues, attendants, passwords, administrators and users in a safe and simple way.

Control your users
Control the users logged according to your flow of service and history logs.
Manage all the devises
Manage all your devices through simple, intuitive tools.
Gain access to your use licenses
Mange your use licenses easily and safely.
How It Works: Control and SecurityNeo.CDS has unique tools for data control and management that help your service effectively and safely. With it you control the whole process that involves your attendants, queues, and passwords without worrying about software security.

Control all devices

Your control panel is extremely safe and has all the tools necessary to control your devises referring to queues, attendants, passwords, administrators, users, and other items to which you will have access.

Control of all processes involving your service.

Know who and how is using the system

You will have available in your control panel an area to see which users are using the system simultaneously. In this area you can control and verify who are the connected users, and access to historical logs and actions for each of them.

Check in real-time, which attendants are logged into the system. View all historical actions of your attendants.

Manage user licenses

The software provides a unique tool for you to manage your licenses in a fast and simple way. You can choose the amount of licenses according to the number of simultaneous connections of the console chosen by you at the time of product's purchase. This figure can be managed and changed at any time, according to your need to use.

Manage your licenses in a simple way and extremely fast. You choose the number of licenses according to your need. Neo.CDS meets any demand for service.

Maintain the system

In the control panel of Neo.CDS you will find tools needed for testing and maintain the password devices connected to the system, which will help in the process of managing the solution.

Maintenance and testing of password devices in the system itself. Correct the communication among devices and console Neo.CDS.

See who is connected

You can control all the fields related to your users and attendants and for this the system provides a unique tool for monitoring logs, where you view the history of who is logged in and the actions arising from this particular log. The previews are in real time and you can manage them the way you want.

View the history of your attendants and the actions taken by them in real time. Manage your attendants according to the views of your logs.

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