Learn what happens in your service with powerful analytical reporting

Through analytical reports, you can manage the entire flow of your service in a simple and intuitive way, using the information obtained as a basis to improve your next service and coming to know everything you need.

Real Time Management
Follow and manage your service in real time as you wish.
Know what is going on
Follow the historical actions of your attendants.
Change passwords and queues
Enter and replace your queues and passwords according to your need.
How It Works: Monitoring and Management The monitoring and management of queues and passwords work as a structured tool in the speed and ease of application. The management is simple, just a few clicks for you to keep track of important data from your service.

Queue Monitoring

Select the queue and attendant you want to monitor in real time and view important information such as number of people waiting, people in service, attendants connected, the average waiting time and average service time.

Monitor in real time your service market-place. Real-time analysis of data from the queues and the attendants.

Management of service in real time

Password management allows for the administrator to act directly and in real time on the progress of the queues, being able to insert, delete, change the order of passwords or forward a password to a new queue.

Interfere with the service in real time. Insert, delete, change the order of passwords or forward a password to a new queue.

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