Register the flow of your service in an easy and intuitive way

You can control the flow of your service in a simple and easy manner. Through an intuitive control panel, you manage your queues, service points, attendants and all other system devices.

Queues and Service Points
Create service points and queues easily and quickly.
Password Call
Manage your password calls in an organized manner.
Display of multimedia passwords
Your service much more interactive with multimedia contents.
How It Works: Organization of Service Through a simple and easy to use control panel, you can organize your service in a personalized way, registering and managing the entire flow of service, such as queues, attendants, service points and all other usage devices, such as password issuers and calls by TV or Panel, according to your needs.

Register queues and service points

In a few clicks you will discover all ease of managing queues and service points. The queue register is simple and fast and can be organized according to the need of tour service.

Create and manage queues and service points. Assign lines and service points to your attendants. Create group of queues for more complex services.

Manage the password issuers

With Neo.CDS you can register and manage the password issuers, whether physical or virtual, with all the convenience and ease of an intuitive interface. The service queues may be assigned to the issuers, and groups of queues can still be displayed on virtual touchscreen totems.

Manage the password issuers, whether physical or virtual. Special queue display features at the virtual issuer.

Call for Panels or TV

Manage the display of passwords, via TV or Panel. With Neo.CDS you integrate all the calling features by panels, on multimedia entertainment service in the TV's. The creation and management of these resources is performed by a user-friendly tool with broad application results.

Neo.CDS integrates all password displays, whether on TV or Panels. Display of passwords with interactive multimedia view.

Registration and control of your attendants

The management of your attendants will be simple and fast, and in a few clicks, you can create and update records and manage them effectively. Your attendants will be assigned queues and have access to the functionalities of the driver when connecting to their service points.

Create attendants and assign queues and service points. Simple and intuitive management of the attendants and their functions.

Make communications to your team

You can communicate easily with your attendants, accessing the icon on your control panel. Just update the information on the bulletin board and voila! Your attendants will see this information the next time they connect to the system.

Total convenience in communicating with your attendants. Customizable updates on your bulletin board. Exclusive tool for diverse communicates.

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