Learn what happens in your service
with powerful analytical reporting

The analytical reports Neo.CDS allow for the administrators to track the progress of the service through intuitive graphs and charts. The reports are fundamental to the management of your market-place, and through them you will have different levels of detailed information that will assist you in making decisions regarding the optimization of your service.

See the performance of your service
Visualize detailed reports about your service.
Learn which are the rush hours
See which are the hours with greater movement.
Management Information
Obtain all management information on your service.
How It Works: Management Reports The management reports are detailed on Neo.CDS graphs and charts, and they contain relevant information about your service, such as the performance of queues, performance of attendants, rush hours and served passwords. This important information is the key to success to know what happens to the flow of your service and get better results on the next sessions.

Reporting and Analysis

In a few clicks you will have access to view reports according to the need of your service. Reports are assertive, simple and easy to manage. They can still be exported to an Excel file, so that data can be processed in different ways that administrators and managers wish.

Performance of service by queues. Performance of service by attendants. Issued and Entered passwords. Passwords Served and not Served. Valid and Invalid Sessions. Service Rush Hours. Passwords served, detailed by queues. Passwords served, detailed by attendants. Served passwords.

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