Organize the flow of your service

The entire flow of your service can be managed through NEO.CDS. You will have an intuitive control panel, where you will be able to track your queues, service points, attendants and all other devices, such as password issuers, printers, panels and even call of passwords on TV while displaying multimedia content. Know more.

Queues and Service Points: in a few clicks you can register and manage your queues, easily organize the flow of your service according to your needs.
Easy access to your attendants: manage your attendants in a simple and intuitive way. They all will have access to their working stations and the module for call and password routing.

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Manage and monitor in real time

Your managers will be able to monitor and manage the service flow in real time, changing passwords, redirecting calls or changing service order. Know more.

Real-time monitoring:monitor your lines and service points in real time.
Real-Time Management:manage your attendants in real time. Learn the history of logs and the actions performed in the system.

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Know what happens with reports

View all analytical reports about your service. Learn what happens to your users and have a history of actions, rush hours and flow of calls and queues of password. Know more.

Analytical Reports:the tools available in your reports will enable you to know all the information needed to perform your next services at your best.

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Easily manage all the system

Through a simple and intuitive set up panel, you have total control over your devices, and your tools can be easily managed. Know more.

General Configurations:in a few clicks you can set up your tools and general information, so that the system is always updated and configured as needed.
Administrators:manage system administrators in a quick and differentiated manner by assigning permission levels in accordance with the policy and the needs of your company.

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Control your system use

Control of the system use through intuitive and easy to handle tools. Monitor and manage your devices and users in real time, controlling the actions in the way you want. Know more.

Connected users, and Action Logs:you can view the log history and actions of your attendants, controlling the next steps to be performed.
Maintenance and Devices:your control panel provides the tools required for maintaining your system and all its devices.

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